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Universal Tides
Written by M. J. Milne
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About the Author
Interview With Author M. J. Milne


ABOUT THE AUTHOR - M. J. Milne (MJM) was born and raised in Vancouver, B. C., Canada. She has written five feature film screenplays; two non-fiction books, 50 Ways to Leave Your Body & Other Stories, and a biography entitled Two Lives: In Search of Kristin; plus the revolutionary science fiction novel Universal Tides: Barbed Wire Blues. MJM's articles have been published in magazines in the USA and Canada; her favorite subjects range from people, travel, film, myth, spirituality, and the environment. Milne has also produced and directed music concerts and stage productions.

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Universal Tides: Barbed Wire Blues is the latest from Vancouver born writer and producer M. J. Milne.

QUESTION: What is your book about?

MJM: Simply stated 'Universal Tides,' or Utides, is the story of the fall of Man and the rise of Spirit. The subtitle is 'Barbed Wire Blues.' It's about a band of outlanders who, with the help of an E.T., race to save the planet and in the interim discover a destiny far greater than they ever imagined.

I was inspired to write it because the big question that we all want answered right now is, "What is happening here on the planet?" You can feel something is about to happen in the world but you don't know what it is. You can feel it, something is terribly wrong. But what is it? We're seeing climate change, solar flares, unsettling world situations; and our emotions are on a roller coaster ride. We don't quite know what's going on in this adjustment phase; and what we don't understand, we fear.

The political forces and the global elite in our world want total control of your life. The truth is, they don't control us. Why are we allowing them to think that they control us? After all, no one can tell you who you are or what you believe unless you allow them to do so.

What is happening in the world goes deeper than governments and their political plans. It's far greater than they can imagine and it angers them because they can't control it. An energy shift is taking place and it's happening now. Can you sense it?

The Earth is going through its planetary Big Shift. We are adjusting to this shift in energy at a subconscious level. As this change becomes progressively stronger, our entire planet is being deeply affected. One thing that is necessary to survive this shift is to come together as a community and to learn to help one another.

Perhaps after you read my book 'Universal Tides' (Utides) you will understand how imperative it is that we come together as an eco-family nucleus to help our little blue planet survive. The main character of Utides says, "Turn the tide of destruction into a universal tide, where the people of the planet ebb and flow together."  
"Turn the tide of destruction into a universal tide, where the people of the planet ebb and flow together."
The big struggle for the characters is the idea of self-responsibility. One of them says: 'If we let them run us, we'll be running from them. In other words, unless we take responsibility for our rights and for our planet, we will go down with the ship, which is presently sinking!'

Big Brother might be big but he's clumsy; we're small and mighty. Utides talks about how to become a Spiritual Warrior and join a Spiritual Revolution. It talks about ways to help our planet survive and a planetary family called the PPR. I have been consciously learning how to become a Spiritual Warrior since the early 1980s and I can tell you, it's not an easy path, but it is a worthy one. Enlist and help the Outlanders win the battle!

QUESTION: Why do you call your book "a Sociological Science Fiction Novel"?

MJM: Yes, it definitely is sociological SciFi, but I like to call it New Age Science Fiction because it holds a mirror up to present-day reality, ratcheting it up a few notches into the future, and then showing us our world from a new and different perspective.

QUESTION: How can I get a copy of your book?

MJM: Go to the Download page on the website It's a simple PDF download onto your computer or handheld. You will need the free Adobe Reader to view it. If you bought the book and enjoyed your reading experience, please tell a friend. Your planet needs you. Pass on the message and be rewarded some day by having fresh air and clean water!

Plus I'm working on lots of ideas for new eZine articles, more eBooks, T-shirts, posters from Aisha and Kort's fabulous artwork, a Blog-Sphere, and an online video game based on the story. So stay tuned! And then there's The 12 Golden Keys Next time!

Live to Live™
MJ Milne
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Lightside Poster & Utides Logo by Aisha Davidson.
Tideline photo by Anastasia

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Universal Tides is very well written, is ever gripping!
- Barbara Hand Clow, The Pleiadian Agenda

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